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who are we?

  1. What is Literary Lunes Magazine?

    Literary Lunes Magazine, is an online literary magazine that features literary advice, book reviews, author interviews, writing prompts, poetry, and short stories.

  2. How did the magazine get its name?

    The name Literary, has to do with literature and books.

    The name Lunes, comes from the name Lunar, meaning moon.  Since full moons tend to make people crazy, and authors and writers can be pretty crazy and eclectic people, I chose Lunes to represent both lunar and lunatic :)

  3. Who can submit articles to the magazine?

    Anyone who is an aspiring writer or author can submit articles.  You must be fluent (or have basic knowledge) of American English.

  4. How often will the magazine come out?

    Each issue will be coming out on the first of every month.

  5. When are our articles for submission due?

    Every article, story, poem, review, interview, is due by the 23rd of every month, except for February.  In February, the due date is on the 21st.

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  1. Where do we submit our articles?

    You may submit articles, stories, poetry, etc. to [email protected] with the subject line Literary Lunes submission.

  2. Should we include anything else with our submission?

    It is up to the writer's descretion if you wish to include a brief descritpion on how you came up with your piece or not.  However, it would be nice to learn how you came up with a certain poem or short story.  The description should be short; no more than 5 or 6 sentences.

  3. What do we accept?

    Below is a list of what we accept.  If you see something that is not listed here or on our list of things that we do not accept, please feel free to contact us and ask us if you may submit it. :) 

    1) Literary Advice Articles

    2) Author interviews

    3) Book reviews

     4) Short Stories (no longer than 10,000 words. If you have a short story that is longer, you may still submit it, but we will probably break it up into parts if we like it.) 

    5) Poetry

    6) Advertisements

    7) Chapters from novels you are writing (same guidelines apply to this as for the short stories)

  4. What DON'T we accept?

    Below is a list of articles that we will ABSOLUTELY NOT MAKE AN ACCEPTION FOR.


    1) Erotica (while I personally love ertoica, some people may be offended by it. I am trying to keep this article suitable for young writers as well as adults.)


    2) Religious articles


    3) Descriminatory Articles. I.E. articles bashing someones race, sexuality, religion etc. etc


    4) Violent articles or articles that promote killing, abuse, or use of drugs etc.


    5) Pornography


    6) Essays


    7) Thesis statements

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